Breeding Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies for the Love of the Labrador!!!!!!

Miss Dawn,
The Pup that I purchased from you just last year is at her age more advanced than my last Lab was at 3 years old.. Best dog I have ever owned and Honey was a dog that the state of LA wanted to purchase for a LARGE sum of money. 
Keep Breeding WINNERS....
Jades Litter 2010
To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to recommend Nichols Marsh Dogs for purchasing of brown/chocolate Labradors.
Dawn Nichols takes amazing care ofher puppies from the monute they are born until you take them home.  The aspect we loved aobut Nichols Marsh Dogs is that it is a family business. The puppies are loved and well acclimated to not only other animals but other people as well.
We purchased our female dog Coco from them in March of 2010.  We know that she was well loved before and indentified once we decided which one we wanted.  I never worried that we had gotten the wrong dog.  Coco was healthy from the day we picked her up and is to this day. 
Nichols Marsh Dogs made sure that all shots were given and that the puppies were healthy and ready to go before even letting us come and pick her out.
We truly enjoyed working with Nichols Marsh Dogs and would recommend their puppies. Jade (ou dogs Momma) was amazing to her puppies and her gentle demeanor has been passed onto our dog.

We highly recommend Nichols Marsh Dogs.

Charlie is wonderful! We are so proud to have him as a member of our family. We took him to the vet to day to have him put in the system so we can keep up with his vaccinations. He weighs 8.0 pounds. He is such a good puppy. My kids love him so much. Thank you so much for our new baby. We really appreciate everything. I will keep in touch to let you know how he is doing. 

Seth and Ali 
Jades & Gator 2011
We are so delighted withour new addition to the family.  Little Gracy has quickly adapted to her new home and loves playing with our cat Grizza and blue heeler Shiloh.  She is such a ball of energy and brings us much joy.  Plastic bottles are her favorite!  We are so thankful that she has blessed our lives.  

Thank You!
Jade & Gator Litter 2011
We are off to a great start with our lab puppy, Molly.  She loves the water and is being trained to retrieve by our 7 year old chocolate lab hunter!  All is well!  We don't push her, but offer as many positive water experiences possible.  Official training wont begin for awhile, but clearly she has good instincts!  

Loving our pup,

Jades & Gator  2011

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Dear Dawn,
I just love my new family member Scout. She has a great demeanor, really calm (for a puppy), playful and very healthy. Even the Vet was impressed with her on the first visit. My grandkids love her too. Thank you so much. The best gift I ever received.
Groves, TX
Jade & Gator 2011

Little Gracy
Jade & Gator 2011
Jade 2011
I thought since today is their birthday that you might enjoy seeing how puppy number 4 has turned out. So here are a few pictures of Jake. I hope to take him duck hunting this fall and winter. He loves to go to the lake and work on water retrieving. He is a very loving and sweet dog that has a great personality. He has not been a chewer but a digger. Not trying to get out he just likes to dig. Two things that have been unique about him compared to our previous labs. Until he was about 6 months old he would do what we called army crawl across the floor and he has a towel fetish. He likes to take a couple of our old towels and lay on them and chew on them. He takes them from room to room with him. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog than the one that we got from you. Hope you and the family are do great down Orange. If you are ever in the DFW area please call and come see Jake. 
Larry and Karen
June 2012 
Jade & Gator 2011
I just wanted let you know how pleased we are with Samson.  He is such a quick learner!  He picked up shake in less than 5 minutes.  He loves to fetch and has the best temperament. We love him to death! He has been micro chipped and you are the back up to call. We haven't registered him yet, but as far as his name will we use Nichols marsh at the beginning?  I wasn't sure how that worked lol. I wanted you to see how great he is doing so I hope you enjoy the video!  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog! 

Jade & Bear 2012

        Hello hope all is going well. I wanted to send a few pictures of Kona. I am so glad we were blessed with this dog. She has done great with my little one playing all over her and handles it without any temper or any problems. I have been working with her a little bit and she is responding pretty well. I need to spend more time working with her now that the weather has settled out a little bit. She is a really good dog. I just wanted to send you some pis and let you know she is doing really well.
Jade & Bear 2012


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Facebook Entry
What and awesome dog.  Thanks Dawn Williams Nichols for breeding quality animals.  
Jade X Bear 2012
HI Dawn,

Our Beva is so perfect! We love her so much! We sent her to training for about 4 months and boy was it worth it! She is not ready for hunting just yet as my husband just learned lol but she is an amazing family dog. Very obedient and she does not really chew (unless you count my poor pug Salsa who Beva uses as a chew toy lol) I attached a few picture of her. She is beautiful and so sweet. We have a pool in the back yard and she loves it so much that even when she is outside by herself she just jumps in and does laps. Thank you for making such a special dog. She is the love of our lives.
Best Regards,
Scout X Bear 2013
Hi Dawn –

Here are a couple pics of our little boy Kodiak (Grizzly/Jewel litter). He’s doing great. He has learned to sit, shake, give kisses, drop it, sit by the back door when he wants outside, go potty, off and of course no.

We are working on fetch but he likes to run and get the toy and then take it and chew or play tug of war. We are working on walking on a leash and eventually want to start him hunting but haven’t figured out where to begin. Do you happen to have any pointers?

Thanks again for everything we are really enjoying our puppy!

Scout X Bear 2014
Hey this is Cody I know I havent' kept in touch much since we brought Nelli home.  But she is doing great and going to make one heck of a duck dog.  She's hands down the smartest lab I have ever owned.  
Scout X Bear 2014
He has been an absolute wonderful dog. He trained very easy and he did better than I would of hoped for his first hunting season last year. His last hunt he made last year, he retrieved 28 of 30 ducks we shot that day.
Scout X Bear 2013
Nelli did great for her first teal season all her basics are done and she's retrieving doubles and triples this dog truly loves to hunt its amazing how smart she is and how much she's learned at just 11 months old thanks for the best dog
 I've ever owned 

Scout X Bear 2014
I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Captain is doing great! He is THE BEST dog and is loved so much. Captain is the red pup from Scout's October 6th litter. He is so well behaved, smart, and social with both people and other dogs. I really can't brag enough about him. 

Scout X Bear 2015