Karma Alpha Search and Recovery

Karma is a 2015 Female out of Nichols Marsh Grizzly Bear and Nichols Marsh On the Scout.  At under A year old she started to train to become A Human Remains Detection Dog. Karma is a member of ALPHA SAR, a search and rescue team based in Houston, that works closely with law enforcement agencies and Texas Equusearch These  are dogs that look for the scent left by human remains and human decomposition. These dogs are trained to find only human decomposition and to ignore animals. They are also able to locate drowning victims underwater and can give the location for divers to recover. These dogs are generally partnered up with law enforcement and can be used to help solve cases or to provide closure for families. Human remains detection dogs are used in wilderness, water, and disaster situations when recovery is needed. Congratulations to Karma and Erin McKay in this well deserved honor. 
Karma.. Alpha Search and Recovery

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