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Past Puppy Pictures 

Chocolate Labrador Puppies in Texas

Jades 1st litter 2010
Jade x Gator 2011 Litter
COCO-Puppy 2010

Angel 2010
Gracey 2011
Kona 2011
Angel 2011
Nichols Marsh On the Scout 2011

Jade X Bear 2012

Jake at 1 year old
These are some of our past puppy pictures . I tried to show them as puppies and others a little older.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  For the love of the Labrador

Zoey 2014

Newborns 2012

Zoey 6 weeks
chocolate Labrador puppies
Scout X Bear 2013

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Jewel X Bear 2013

Chocolate Labrador Puppies Texas
Jess X Cody

chocolate Labrador puppies texas
chocolate Labrador puppies texas
chocolate labrador

Colt & Camo 2 Males

Scouts Girls 3 weeks

Jades 2012 4 weeks
Scout X Bear 2014
Jewel X Bear 2014
Jess X Cody 2014 Male
Scout X Bear 2014 Female
Kacie with Scouts puppy 2015
Jewels Female 2015
Scout & Bear 2015
Scout X Bear 2015
Scout X Bear 2015
Jewel & Bear 2015